Best 3D Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Come find he best 3D Apps in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad and in the Android market for Android phones and tablets. 3D apps bring an immersive experience to people on their mobile devices, from games, to productivity apps, to usefool tools and apps to help you kill time, 3D apps are changing the way people interact with their phones and tablets. There are even phones that can display a 3D hologram-like display image with true 3D depth, much like the Nintendo 3DS.

There are many great 3D Apps to choose from. Some might say that there are too many Apps to choose from. That is why we will sift through the available 3D Apps on the market, review them and post our findings here to help you find only the best 3D Apps.

iOS 7 for Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod are displaying some very interesting features that appear to be parallax 3d. Take a look here to see what the new iOS will offer. There is sure to be a revolution in iOS App development to accomodate the new 3D interface elements that Apple will be providing. Watch this space closely and we will keep you up to date on the very best 3D apps.

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The Best iPhone, iPad and iPod 3D Apps


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